Our Bagels

Mister Bagel bagels are made with the finest quality high gluten flour and the best ingredients. In Portland we have great water, and we think this is one of the keys to our success. Our dough is never frozen and therefore always delivered fresh. Our bagels contain NO preservatives and are flavored by only the highest quality condiments.
Bagel Flavors: Plain, Poppy, Sesame, Cinnamon Rasin, Onion, Salt, Whole Wheat, Asiago, Sunflower, Pumpernickel, Blueberry, SUPER, Garlic, French Toast, Multigrain, Sundried Tomato, Bialys, SPECIAL Holiday Flavors


At Mister Bagel we whip only the finest and creamiest of cream cheeses. We take pride in using the same cheese recipes since 1977. All of our new specialty-flavored cream cheese have been developed over the years, making all our cream cheese, low-fat cream cheese and tofu spreads top quality. We use only the freshest vegetables for some of our flavors. The lox cheese is make with some of the world's best smoked salmon. All of the other 23 flavors are made with the highest quality and freshest items. You won't find a better tasting cream cheese or bagel!
Cream Cheese Flavors: Plain, Fresh Vegetable, Chive, Sundried Tomato, and Olive... to mention a few! Also in Low Fat Cream Cheese and Tofu.


Many of our stores offer catering services for the home and office. Over the years we have developed an outstanding catering menu which we customize to any type of event, from an employee reward party to a wedding/bar mitzvah. It allows our customers to shine in the eyes of their guests and associates, by providing the freshest and highest quality meal in the area. "Be your own guest, we'll do the rest!"


At Mister Bagel we feature great coffees, teas and beverages. Each of the store owner's chooses their coffee according to local tastes. Most of our locations offer Green Mountain or Wicked Joe coffee. Most stores carry Pepsi and Coca Cola products in addition to specialty juices and teas.