CONSULTING AGREEMENT INFORMATION Join our MISTER BAGEL family! Voted "BEST BAGEL" in Portland,Maine every year! Over 33 years in the bagel business. Owning a Mister Bagel store combines the freedom of being your own boss with the security of being part of a team that cares about your future. Once your eligability has been approved by Mister Bagel's team, you'll be ready to get started on your own Mister Bagel location.
START-UP REQUIREMENTS To acquire a Mister Bagel store location or a satellite (bagels not baked on site) location you must meet a few requirements. A satellite location in Maine must have an average size of 1500-2000 square feet. It should be within one hour drive from Portland. If you are interested in an out-of-state Mister Bagel you will have to meet a different set of requirements. You will be required to build a commissary to produce the product to our high-quality standards, and we recommend you plan to establish at least 5-10 retail locations, control all retail locations or sell individual licenses to individual owners, whichever is more profitable for the situation.
Mister Bagel takes pride in training all managers and counter staff to produce and serve the perfect bagel. The two week extensive training program at our prototype store will teach you and your staff all there is to know about the bagel business. In addition, the Mister Bagel staff will be with you during your pre-opening and opening week at your store. When we are ready to leave, you will not only look professional, but will BE professional!!