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No party or event is complete without the delicious deli, salads, specialty sandwiches, and mouthwatering bagels from Mister Bagel. If you want fresh and tasty food for your special occasion, call a Mister Bagel near you. We’ll cater breakfast and lunch items that’ll have all your guests talking!

We're just around the corner

Maine’s best bagels are just around the corner. We’re not far – no matter the distance, you’ll love that you made the trip.

Maine’s best bagels aren’t too far

Our Story

The first bagel bakery in the state of Maine was established by Rick and Gail Hartglass in 1977 on Forest Ave. in Portland. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Rick saw a need to introduce Maine to the New York bagel. Through the years Mister Bagel has grown from a single neighborhood bakery to a thriving city bakery, offering wholesale and retail bagels. During the 1980’s, when the bagel explosion began, Rick broadened his market by opening satellite locations in neighboring areas of Portland and in other Maine towns. Mister Bagel created its own commissary to maintain quality. Now there are 8 locations, each servicing its own neighborhood with “The Worlds Most Flavorful Bagel”. The business was established using high quality natural ingredients and the traditional boil and bake method. We believe that the great water supply of Portland, Maine has helped produced our superb taste. That’s why we say “We Bake’em Best”!